Why You Need A Buyers Agent, When Building a Home


Many people decide to build a new house, rather than shop around.  Maybe they are tired of losing out on a property due to a multiple offer situation.  Maybe they don't want to negotiate with sellers, or argue about repairs that may come up during a home inspection. Buying a new build sounds simpler, right?  It may sound simple, but there are many decisions that a person needs to make.  What builder should you use?  How do you negotiate a contract?  What upgrades should you choose?

Anytime you enter into a real estate transaction, you should make sure you have a professional on your side.  There is still a lot that can go wrong, and you can still wind up with a property that is not nearly as perfect as you expected.  The truth is, you need a buyer’s agent to look out for your interests when buying a new home. As with any home purchase, there are too many potential pitfalls, hidden risks, and complications involved in the process to guarantee a good result unless you have experienced help. 

How much does a buyers agent cost?  You may be surprised to find out that it does not cost the buyer anything to be represented by a buyers agent.  Not only can a buyers agent help you find the right builder, they can also help you when it comes to choosing the lot, location, and neighborhood.  

Even if you’ve purchased a home before, the contract for new construction is completely different.  An experienced agent can help you make sure you understand everything, from floor plans to earnest money requirements, deadlines for requesting changes, and timelines.  You may have to deal with construction delays, permit issues, or financing concerns.  You need a buyers agent by your side to help with different situations that may arise. These are just some things that we can help you with!

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